Hello and welcome to the ARCH geoportal to access information contained in both HArIS "Historic Area Information System" and THIS "Threats and Hazard Information Systems". These tools were developed within the EU research project “ARCH - Advancing resilience of Historical Areas against climate-related and other hazards”.
HArIS enables end-users to access geo-referenced information about the characteristics of the historic area as a whole interacting with the surrounding urban and natural systems. Furthermore, it allows to obtain information and properties relating to the cultural heritage assets (constructions and objects) through the electronic sheets.
THIS enables end-users to access geo-referenced information from different sources for measurable indicators to characterize the threats\hazards potentially affecting the historic area. It allows to obtain historical data and projections from climate services and information in near real-time through monitoring systems.
Geocatalog makes possible to recover metadata and link to the datasets and services included in the information systems. It allows exchanging information with other ARCH systems or external GIS platforms.

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